WE are slowly updating this section, so for now YOU CAN GET A SENSE OF who presents FROM THE Bios below, but they're not a 100% confirmed group.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE fall conference, ON October 27, 2018.
WE will have some of the same presenters back, and some new people, too.



The Presenters

On October 27, you'll be in great hands with this stunning line up of local birth professionals leading our workshop and presentations for the day.


Emma Rohmann is a mom, Environmental Engineer and Environmental Health Expert. Through consultations and workshops, she helps families create healthier homes by reducing exposure to toxics that impact our health. With her scientific and practical approach, Emma delivers information free from judgment and shame. She was selected as the environmental health guest lecturer for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Fertility and Reproduction course based on her expertise. Since 2015, Emma has been recruited to be a David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green CoachThink Dirty Clean Beauty Champion, and CertClean Clean Beauty Awards judge. She is also a contributor with EcoParent Magazine and Green Moms Collective.


Jae Steele holds a Midwifery degree from Ryerson University. She has attended roughly 200 births, both in hospital, at home and the Toronto Birth Centre, and supported those families intensely both prenatally and in the postpartum period. She is committed to evidence-based health practices and informed choice – sensitively supporting clients in making the decisions they feel are best for their family. Her support is holistic and feminist, and she has years of experience working with LGBTQ+ families, and has a particular interest in making parenting more manageable for those with perinatal mood disorders. Jae is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionistaward-winning cookbook author, babywearing educator, and Infant and Early Child Mental Health specialist.
Jae is mama to a delightful and willful toddler, Juniper.


Janet Walker is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Restorative Exercise Specialist. She combines hands-on treatment with self-care education to help you feel and function better. A graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy, Janet has over 20 years of clinical experience. As part of her studies, she researched the effects of prenatal treatment on birthing outcomes. Janet now supports clients from pre-conception to birth and beyond. She offers breastfeeding support, and treats infants and children of all ages.



Kira Liss is a doula and movement teacher in the west end. With a passion for reproductive health and justice, Kira was drawn to her first DONA doula training in 2012. Since then, she has woven her interest in yoga and movement into her work. Kira completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Kula Annex, and pre/postnatal teacher trainings at Toronto Yoga Mamas and Yogaspace.



Kelly Maslen has been in the birth industry for 10 years and counting. A doula, childbirth educator and birth advocate, Kelly is an expert in pregnancy and postpartum needs. Over the years she has created her community including all that is needed to help smooth the transition for an expanding family, after all it takes a village to raise a child. Recognizing birth is an experience you will remember your entire life she will help ensure it is a positive and empowered one. Her role is to educate, nurture and bring a nonjudgmental approach to birth and parenting.


 Michelle Kapler is an Acupuncturist and Herbalist with 8 years’ experience in exclusive focus on fertility and gynaecology in her clinical practice. She is the owner and clinical director of the Toronto Reproductive Acupuncture Clinic, where she and her team of highly-trained and expertly-focused practitioners help patients achieve successful conception, healthy pregnancies and sustained reproductive health throughout their entire lives.


Michelle Richea is a Naturopathic Doctor with a collaborative practice at Urban Wellness health clinic. Michelle has held a general family naturopathic practice since 2006, using a variety of evidence-based and traditional forms of natural therapies to offer truly complementary and integrated healthcare. With a passion for empowering her clients with the knowledge essential for healthy living and disease prevention, Michelle is dedicated to addressing her client's health concerns by identifying the root cause of illness and offering safe and effective treatment options that restore the body to a natural state of balance. When not in private practice, you can find Michelle teaching and supervising future Naturopathic Doctors at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.


MT & TL.jpg

Taylor LeBlanc and Megan Tasker, founders of Whole Birth Approach, are trying to change the face of childbirth education by bringing the body back to birth. Both Megan and Taylor are doulas, yoga teachers, childbirth educators, and core and pelvic exercise specialists. After putting their heads together, they have created a one of a kind childbirth education program grounded in movement and informed by research, providing a new kind of birth preparation. When Taylor and Megan are not teaching class or welcoming a little one in to the world, they are usually outside soaking in the sun.


Olivia Scobie is a therapist, doula, and founder of Postpartum Support Toronto. After beating PPD/A twice, she became a staunch advocate for reducing perinatal mood disorder stigma and breaking down barriers to support. Her specialties include postpartum resilience, birth trauma, queer parenting, and incarcerated mothering.



Ruth Ruttan is a doula, infant sleep and breastfeeding educator, and the Education Coordinator at Retrofit Pilates, a master instructor for Balanced Body Inc., and a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. Education is at the centre of her approach, believing that knowledge is power and that informing our minds and bodies will help build an extraordinary life experience. Both as a doula and a pilates specialist, Ruth has enjoyed watching many bodies change, stay functional and become powerful humans. Ruth is passionate about creating support, balance and informing parental intuition on the pregnancy to parenthood journey.



Rhondda Smiley is a doula providing parents with judgement-free support to confidently make choices that are right for their families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. She teaches Prenatal and Parent & Baby Yoga as well as meditation across the GTA, helping growing families stay healthy and grounded. A breastfeeding specialist published on the esteemed Kellymom.com and a former La Leche League Leader, Rhondda has helped families around the globe achieve their breastfeeding goals for over a decade. Her latest project is the Mother's Self-Care Circle, a community dedicated to nourishing the heart.

Sam MH.jpg

Sam Montpetit-Huynh is a mother of two, and the co-founder of Bellies Inc. During both pregnancies, she experienced first hand, the changes in her body and how it directly affected her physical fitness and overall well being. Through extensive research, education and personal knowledge she came to embrace her new self and appreciate the joys and challenges that came with motherhood. 


Tynan Rhea works as a doula, sex educator, aromatherapist, and counselor in Toronto, Ontario. They received a Joint Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and Sexuality, Marriage, & Family. Tynan continued their education with the Revolutionary Doula Training Program, and with Anarres Natural Health in holistic sexual health and aromatherapy. Combining their training in doula work and sex education, Tynan specializes in sex in pregnancy and postpartum. Tynan enjoys working with all types of people and families, including polyamorous, trans, queer, kinky, sex workers, and those with varying abilities.


Tehseen Meghji is a Naturopathic Doctor and Doula specializing in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and infant care.  Her practice style is holistic and individualized with an emphasis on evidence based natural therapies to support and optimize the journey from pre-conception to birth and beyond. She’s passionate about creating an environment that allows parents to feel safe and nurtured, encouraging them to tap into the innate wisdom of the birthing process.  She is committed to helping her clients make informed and empowered decisions as they welcome their little ones into their lives. Tehseen also has additional training in prenatal and fertility acupuncture, reflexology, rebozo birth techniques, homeopathy for labour and mind-body medicine. 


Vania Sukola is a registered Psychotherapist in private practice. For over 15 years, she has been providing support to women who have experienced trauma. Vania has worked as a Violence against Women Counsellor as well as a counsellor at an abortion and reproductive health clinic. In 2015, Vania started a private practice focusing primarily on perinatal and postpartum mental health. She works from a trauma-informed anti-oppression framework and in a holistic way. She is a Feminist Narrative Therapist, and believes you are the expert in your life. Vania is honoured to support other parents. She is also a mother to 2 young children and loves chocolate. There is always room for chocolate.