So you’re thinking about joining us? Fantastic!


We get that if you’re Going to spend a whole day with us,
you should have a pretty good Feeling that you’re going to love it.
Read on to be sure this event is what you’re looking for.

This conference is for you if:

  • You are planning to conceive, pregnant, or have given birth in the past year, or you’re the partner/ support person for someone who is/has.

  • Gathering evidence-based and anecdotal information about your health and wellbeing helps you feel more confident in your choices.

  • You want to learn about how local practitioners support expectant and new parents in the areas of nutrition, naturopathy, osteopathy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, talk therapy, midwifery, labour support, postpartum support, infant development and feeding, babywearing, and responsive parenting.

  • You want to meet other people in the same place on their reproductive journey. You value community and want to grow yours.

  • And, maybe you feel like “mommy”-type circles aren’t always (or ever) a place you fit in.

What we're offering is:

The long and short of it is that we created this day to help you during this particular time in your life to feel a little more prepared, a little less lonely, and that you have a better idea of where to go for help if/when you need it.
— Jae, 4 Trimesters founder
  • Four hour-long workshops with perinatal professionals who will offer you their evidence- and anecdotal-based reflections on their area of expertise, give you practical tips that are immediately actionable, introduce you to things you might want to pursue further after conference day, and answer your questions. (In other words, you don't get to go deep in an hour, but you get to taste a bunch of things and see what you like!)

  • The chance to meet other baby-growers and their partners in the interest of building real live community for you and your wee one. (Facebook groups are nice, but not enough!)

  • The chance to ask yourself some important questions about your baby-growing journey: What are your priorities as a parent? What's needed to support your wellbeing? How can you best show up for your baby's development?

  • A wholesome plant-based lunch catered by some awesome local companies. (Please bring snacks for yourself though!)

  • A space where you are welcomed and accepted. (Please see our Inclusion Statement for more on this.) 

  • One of the best darn loot bags that you ever did see!

    Can’t make it for the whole day? That’s okay!

    If a 9:30am to 5:30pm commitment doesn’t work for you, you have a few other a la carte options:

    • Take one workshop on a particular topic that excites you

    • Take two morning session workshops and stay for our organic lunch

    • Take two afternoon sessions and the panel on Raising Socially Conscious Kids

    • You can choose to get in on our amazing swag bag (value over $100), or not!

A note to practitioners wishing to attend 4 Trimesters' conference

A number of our participants last year attended our event for professional reasons. This is a great place for learning more and networking, however, this conference is not directed at professionals. It’s for expectant and new parents experiencing this time of transition, and their questions and comments take priority in the workshops. You probably already know though, there is a lot to learn from mostly acting as a fly on the wall. 
4 Trimesters is not currently in a position to offer CEUs, but if you would like a certificate of attendance for professional use, one can be emailed to you for a fee of $8. Please email us to arrange.