we collecT a lot of feedback so that we can get a sense of where we're on track, and what could be improved upon.

Here are some of the raves we got from October 2017.

I loved the casual vibe, that I could connect with the organizer. Everyone was so accessible and lovely.
— Expectant Parent
Thank you! I’m feeling more prepared and better equipped.
— Expectant Parent (partner)
The conference was even better than I anticipated (& I was anticipating something wonderful). The spirit of light & joy, generosity & openness, (& efficient project management, WOW) was so nourishing. Looking forward to the next one.
— Planning to Conceive
Amazing time! I’m leaving on a high! Thank you!
— Practitioner
I learned quickly that not all mom groups are for me. This sounded like my kind of group.
— New Parent
Loved the day! Really appreciated the practical, well-prepared workshops with inclusive language about partners and birthing options.
— Expectant Parent
Dear Jae, Thank you for making and organizing this beautiful event!
— Expecting second child
I loved that this was a truly baby-friendly event.
— New Parent