we collecT a lot of feedback so that we can get a sense of where we're on track, and what could be improved upon.

Here are some of the raves wE’ve Received so far:

I loved the casual vibe, that I could connect with the organizer. Everyone was so accessible and lovely.
— Expectant Parent
Thank you! I’m feeling more prepared and better equipped.
— Expectant Parent (partner)
The conference was even better than I anticipated (& I was anticipating something wonderful). The spirit of light & joy, generosity & openness, (& efficient project management, WOW) was so nourishing. Looking forward to the next one.
— Planning to Conceive
Amazing time! I’m leaving on a high! Thank you!
— Practitioner
I learned quickly that not all mom groups are for me. This sounded like my kind of group.
— New Parent
Loved the day! Really appreciated the practical, well-prepared workshops with inclusive language about partners and birthing options.
— Expectant Parent
Dear Jae, Thank you for making and organizing this beautiful event!
— Expecting second child
I loved that this was a truly baby-friendly event.
— New Parent
I had such a nice time at the conference yesterday. What a fabulous concept! I loved learning new strategies for baby play, meal prep and self-care. I also appreciated that the environment was welcoming for me and my little one. The 4T team really hit the mark in providing support to families at this stage. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend. I’ve already shared what I learned with my husband and we are looking forward to implementing some of the new ideas.
— New parent