What should I bring for the conference day?

We’re hoping to provide you with great take-aways throughout the day, so you’ll want to bring a notebook and pen. Bring a water bottle/ tea thermos, and any snacks for yourself for the day. (Lunch is provided - and it's gluten-free, vegan and delicious!) If you experience hormonal temperature changes, wear comfy layers.

We’ll have chairs, but if you’d be more comfortable sitting on a yoga mat or a bolster on the floor, by all means, bring it!

If you’re taking a movement-based class, you’ll need a yoga mat and clothes that are comfortable for stretching.

I’m not actively trying to conceive yet, but I’m planning to down the road. Is this conference still appropriate for me?

Certainly! Most of the content in the Trimester 1 stream (alignment, nutrition, environmental toxins) can be helpful to pretty much anyone, so by all means, join us! You will get to know local professionals you can call on for help in the short and long term. You may also get to know other attendees who may become friends. Everyone can benefit from that!

I’m not comfortable sitting for long periods of time. How can I make sure I can get through the day of workshops?

The Centre for Social Innovation Annex space has a few different kinds of chairs, and some workshop spaces have room for sitting on the floor or standing. If you need, feel free to bring some sort of lumbar or butt support device, a cushion, blanket, or yoga mat -- whatever you need to be physically comfortable for the day. If you have more specific needs, please get in touch by email.

What if there’s a workshop in another stream that I want to take?

If you are, say, in the Trimester 2 stream, but you’re desperate to know more about Detoxing your Home (and feel that you already have a good handle on your birth plan, which is the workshop running in your stream at that time), just pick "Other" for your workshop selection, and fill in the box with a choice for each session: an A, a B, a C, and a D. Simple as that!

Can My Partner Attend?

Partners are very welcome to attend the workshops on offer for the day.  We are offering special ticket pricing for couples in order to support their attendance and their learning

CAn I Bring my Child To the Conference?

If you are in the Trimester 4 stream, your babe in arms (or in a carrier) is very welcome (even encouraged!) to be with you for the day. There's also plenty of room for strollers at Artscape Youngplace.
If you need an extra set of familiar hands (someone to take the babe on a nap-walk or just give you a break but be close by in case your child needs you), a helper is welcome to hang out in the building, but they need to purchase a ticket if they want to attend sessions and eat lunch with us.
Regrettably, the conference is not appropriate for children older than one year as previous attendees have found it disruptive to sessions.

I see you’re providing lunch. Will there be drinks and snacks, too?

Yes, Earth + City is catering lunch for all attendees -- it's included in your ticket price.
It is up to you to bring any drinks and snacks you'll need, though there will be easy access to drinking water to fill your water bottles.


My diet is pretty particular. Will the catered lunch work for me or should I bring my own?

The lunch provided from Earth + City is vegan and gluten free. If you have further questions about the ingredients in the lunch, you may contact them directly.