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Green Beaver: the real deal

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II first learned of the Green Beaver Company in the early 2000s when I was working as a grocery clerk at a health food co-op here in Toronto, and some of their products came into the store. "Cilantro toothpaste?" I thought as I was unpacking a box to stock the shelves. "What a weird thing." (Don't wait years to try this unconventional flavour like I did though, it's actually great!) What I noticed from the get go is that they were a local company (this side of the Ottawa River) and their products were reasonably priced (if you're familiar with natural body care products you know that quality stuff that doesn't cost a small fortune is rare!). Since then, their soaps, lip balms and kids bubble bath have become regular fixtures in my bathroom.

Green Beaver is a company that really puts their values into practice. Just take a look at their website. It's rich with information to educate their customers: an ingredients glossary is the most exciting to me (how many times have you looks at the contents of a body care product and been unsure of what half the words on there mean?). There are also articles on how to chose a good mineral sunscreen, and the effect body care products have on our ecosystem.

So the Green Beaver Company doesn't just want you to buy their products.
They want you to get why they do what they do, and how it serves the world. Imagine if more companies of their size, with their success, operated that way?

I feel really lucky to have Green Beaver supporting our conference, because they go above and beyond to educate their audience and that's something I aspire to do with 4 Trimesters, too. They'll have a table on October 28 at our conference at the Centre for Social Innovation, so not only can you check out their products if you haven't done so before, but you'll have the chance to ask them any questions you have about greening your body care.