Kira Liss

Meet Kira Liss, birth doula and yoga instructor

Kira setting up for a Parent and Baby class at  Yoga Village , with my kid, Juniper (9 months).

Kira setting up for a Parent and Baby class at Yoga Village, with my kid, Juniper (9 months).

Name: Kira Liss
workshop: Trimester 2 stream: Movement in Pregnancy 


What's the thing about pregnancy and/or birth that amazes you the most?
It's hard to narrow down because I generally think that pregnancy and birth are pure magic. But it's the placenta amazes me the most. It's incredible that the body is able to grow a completely new organ to feed and nourish a growing baby. Like, how cool is that?! 


What's your favourite thing to snack on at a birth?
I bring dark chocolate covered almonds with me to every birth. A source of protein and good fats, and a sugar boost. Not to mention that chocolate makes everything better, right?


What's your go-to gift for a friend having a baby?
A Moby wrap! It's my personal favourite option for babywearing because it's soft for newborns, and it's one-size-fits-all.


What excites you the most about being a presenter at 4 Trimesters first conference? 
The amazing group of presenters! I've worked with a lot of these practitioners in a variety of settings and feel that there is so much amazing knowledge and experience in this group of people. As the first of what will hopefully be an annual conference, I'm thrilled by the presenters that Jae has chosen.


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