Meet Emily, social worker & therapist


Name: Emily Claire Blackmoon

Workshop: Trimester 3 Stream: Creating a Postpartum Mood Support plan

Why did you become a social worker?
It was a two-fold experience: As a child, I had an eating disorder and very low-self esteem. I was supported by amazing therapists, who helped me realize my own strengths and potential. As an adult, I wanted to explore my Indigeneity further, and support others in the First Nations, Metis and Inuit community in Toronto. Being an Indigenous social worker and a therapist helped me to connect with my ancestry and culture, and also helped me to explore how colonization informs both the trauma and the incredible resilience of so many Indigenous peoples.

What interests you about the process of bringing a child into the world?
I have had the honour of working with many young parents, Elders and community members who have come to exemplify how having a happy, safe and supported pregnancy is reproductive justice and triumph over colonialism. Every Indigenous child born is a cause for celebration, and our parents must be honoured and supported for having gone through the ceremony of conception, pregnancy and birth. 

If participants only learn one thing from your workshop, what should it be?
That they're mental health is important, that they can do this, and that perfection in parenting is a myth (I guess that's three things!).

What’s your favourite self-care ritual?
Snuggling with my partner, drumming, eating sushi, seeing my own therapist and taking pictures of my dog Luna, cause she's hilarious. 

What excites you most about presenting at 4 Trimesters Conference?
The opportunity to meet with parents at the various stages of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and a chance to hear more about their experiences!