Family-friendly fall fun -- tomorrow!

These past six months, I've had the pleasure of getting to know the powerhouse team behind West End Naturopathic Doulas (who will have a table at our conference) and The Bump to Baby Show. Since the latter is taking place in the east end tomorrow (and 4 Trimesters will be there selling tickets for our event the following Saturday), I thought what better time than to interview one half of this dynamic duo, naturopathic doctor and doula, Rachel Schwartzman.


So, why the Bump to Baby show? I mean, you already bring a tonne to expectant and new parents in Toronto in your work as a naturopathic doctor and doula, how did this project come to be?
First off, thank you for the compliment! The show was a collaboration with Mira, to bring a community of families together. Our own kids are close in age, and we spend a lot of time together. It truly takes a village to raise children, and the show was a way to bring families together, and help inform parents of better choices. We work very hard at getting the best in natural choices whether it's skin care, clothing, toys, supplements or services.

From a naturopathic perspective, what would you say are a couple of the things that parents who have just birthed need?
1. A probiotic. I can't stress how important this supplement is for all to be taking. Mom and newborn. A healthy start to life starts with a healthy gut. We want to encourage a gut packed with a healthy microbiome. This really is a must.
2. Healthy food in the fridge or stocked in the freezer. Don't turn down food! Let people bring you food. Your community wants to love and support you.

As a mama to three yourself, how has parenting helped you grow?
It's brought such sweetness into my life. I grew up with immigrant, war-surviving parents. They had a very tough upbringing. They worked a lot, and didn't show us a lot of affection. Parenthood has opened me up to a love I never knew was possible. I hug and kiss my kids all the time and they love it!

What can we expect from the event at the Riverdale Hub tomorrow?
An awesome day, of course! You can shop in our health conscious marketplace, learn from experts, enjoy kids activities and fun filled workshops, win prizes, eat yummy vegan food, mingle with families, and be part of a community. What could be better?